Manufacturing in India

The case study compendium ‘Manufacturing in India: Creating a Smarter Future’ is a collection of eight detailed case-studies that was launched at the third CII Smart Manufacturing Summit on 15 November 2017. It brings forth examples of deployment of smart manufacturing in India with the focused objective of showcasing the benefits accrued by deploying smart systems.

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Action plan for fostering adoption of Smart Manufacturing

CII conducted detailed primary and secondary research, which includes a study of various international programmes, discussions with various stakeholders both domestic and international and national consultations and arrived at an ‘Action Plan for Fostering Adoption of Smart Manufacturing in India’ that was submitted to Department of Heavy Industry (DHI). This document outlines the background, approach, recommendations, proposed action plan and potential outcomes w.r.t smart manufacturing.

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WhitePaper Predictive Maintenance for Oil and Gas

An IIoT Platform provides a natural extension to Big Data, Analytics and Augmented Reality. Utthunga’s IIoT platform provides a unified view and analytics for IIoT applications used in rotating assets, electrical assets and static machinery of the industrial plants. These aggregated measurements can be utilized for obtaining predictive and prescriptive insights about the asset health and thus enable end users to achieve operational and production excellence.

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